Friday, January 14, 2011

Enjoying Hong Kong- Victoria's Peak, Stanley, Tai Po Market and more

Hong Kong is a beautiful city with many things to see and learn. We have been walking though many places and also taking trains, ferries,buses and the famous tram to Victoria's Peak. Talking to people from many places has been so rewarding. Having divine appointments......not looking for anything in particular but just walking, thinking and praying about the places we go. The impact this great city has on East Asia. What an amazing place! To discover God's great love for all of us and to also know that we walk to learn more and serve those in need.  It is breathtaking to see such incredible beauty and architectural marvels.  Hong Kong has beautiful parks, hiking trails and many wonderful things to do.

Ride up to Victoria's Peak on the Tram

Victoria Harbor

Stanley is a district west of the central part of Hong Kong.
A very picturesque and breathtaking ride to Stanley.
There are many markets and beaches around Stanley

Stanley Beach

Victoria Harbor

Star Ferry

Tai Po Market

Hannah and Mia- going to school in Tai Po

During our stay in Hong Kong, Hannah and Mia will attend the Norwegian International School in Tai Po. We board the MTR (subway) every morning traveling north to the next stop which is Tai Po Market. It is about 8 minutes going north towards China. We walk about15 minutes to arrive at the school. It is a Christian school founded by Norwegian ex-pats. A very welcoming environment for the girls.They have enjoyed every moment, meeting new people, friends and learning Mandarin!  Hannah's teacher is Ms. Kee and Mia's teacher is Ms. Jeanne- both from Hong Kong. The principal of the school if Mr. Jon Lok and Ms. Ivy Hui has been a tremendous help to our family while getting the children accommodated to the new school. Norwegian International School.
Enjoy these photos!

The Department of Management at CUHK

During my Fulbright appointment with the Department of Management, directed by Chairman Shige Makino, I will be collaborating with faculty on research and also will be lecturing for Fulbright appointments both in Hong Kong and mainland China. The research and teaching will be a collaboration between Dr. Ping Ping Fu and myself.

Ping Ping and our family sharing a Dim Sum lunch

Ping Ping and Mia sharing a Sticky Rice Cake,
Coconut Bean dessert, Rice and Shrimp Dumpling

Chairman Shige Makino is originally from Japan and has been responsible for shaping and building the core of the Department of  Management.  I am working on the 8th floor of the Cheng Yu Tung Teaching Building. It is the newest building on campus.  This building shares an alliance with the Hyatt Hotels, a learning center for Hospitality Management.  The building is equipped with state of the art teaching facilities and theaters.

It has been wonderful to meet and work with such wonderful people.

Almaz, Almarie and Fiona faculty and staff at the
Department of Management

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The  Chinese University of Hong Kong  was founded in 1963 and one of the most respected institutions in South Asia. The campus has scenic areas througout with lakes, pavilions and many outstanding architectural creations. Over 100 kinds of birds are to be seen on the campus at any given time with some monkeys here and there. The campus is located in Shatin. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity while experiencing one of the most exciting cities in the world. Hong Kong is comprised of many areas or suburbs- as you travel on the MTR (subway) you will see main districts/areas such as Kowloon Tong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central Hong Kong, etc. Shatin is located in the New Territory north of Kowloon. Located about an hour from the China border on the MTR.

Founded in 1963, we are a university that is as firmly rooted in Chinese culture as it is positioned in modern civilized society. After close to half a century of growth and development, we have become a comprehensive research university, a regional leader with a global reputation.
Since the inception, we have committed ourselves not only to advancing academic research but also upholding the humanistic culture. A university's role is not only to impart knowledge, but also to groom the moral character of our society's future torchbearers. This, we believe, is the essence of a university and the raison d'ĂȘtre of the Chinese University(statement written by President Joseph J.Y Sung of CUHK).

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. CUHK teachers and students hail from all corners of the world. We have over 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, of whom 3,000 come from regions outside Hong Kong. CUHK graduates are connected worldwide through an expansive.

Experience CUHK
On the campus the Institute of Chinese Studies is host of  the Art Museum. The architect involved in building this beautiful museum is linked with the Louvre construction in Paris. The works contained in this museum are historical and monumental for South Asia. The History of Hong Kong is described in detail with archaeological works. Currently there is a Red Lacquer exposition.  Learn more about the Institute of Chinese Studies

Enjoy these pictures of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The lower pavilion of the CUHK

The Herb Garden at the CUHK

Qin, a Ph.D fellow at the Department of Management-
he took my husband and I on a tour of the campus

Today- December 31

Today- December 31 we have enjoyed the beautiful weather and the mountains, the Tolo Harbor and just relaxing and trying to get our bodies in gear for all of the changes. We are preparing to go out in a few minutes to get something to eat and ring in the new year here in Shatin. It is very difficult to get to the Hong Kong Island celebrations at this time. We will catch maybe some of the festivities.

We are here in Hong Kong! All of our travel went very, very well. No delays, all 8 checked-in-bags arrived with us. It was a long, long trip but the girls did outstanding. Many people said they could not believe how well they were doing on such a long flight. They are awesome! We enjoyed many meals on the plane and the girls had fun playing games on the touch screen computer in their seat. They never once asked if "we were almost there" was truly a great 15.5 hour flight starting December 29. Jack and I slept on and off as well.

Our arrival at the Hong Kong airport was a smooth one. We gathered all our luggage and hired two taxis to get us to our apartment living- in Shatin.

Flight from DTW to  Hong Kong 15.5 hours!

The Cheng Yu Tung Teaching Building (back of building) my office is on the 8th floor of this building

Hannah in front of a Monalisa in Tsim Sha Tsui

Jack, Hannah and Mia on New Year's eve celebrations in Shatin

Hannah and Mia a beautiful day in Hong Kong

We witnessed the world record breaking Dragon and Drum Parade on January 1 - in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was awesome!

All in all, we are so thankful to our Lord for such safe travel, and good health.   Our colds are now fading away....we are feeling good. It is a beautiful place and we will share photos and much more.