Friday, January 14, 2011

The Department of Management at CUHK

During my Fulbright appointment with the Department of Management, directed by Chairman Shige Makino, I will be collaborating with faculty on research and also will be lecturing for Fulbright appointments both in Hong Kong and mainland China. The research and teaching will be a collaboration between Dr. Ping Ping Fu and myself.

Ping Ping and our family sharing a Dim Sum lunch

Ping Ping and Mia sharing a Sticky Rice Cake,
Coconut Bean dessert, Rice and Shrimp Dumpling

Chairman Shige Makino is originally from Japan and has been responsible for shaping and building the core of the Department of  Management.  I am working on the 8th floor of the Cheng Yu Tung Teaching Building. It is the newest building on campus.  This building shares an alliance with the Hyatt Hotels, a learning center for Hospitality Management.  The building is equipped with state of the art teaching facilities and theaters.

It has been wonderful to meet and work with such wonderful people.

Almaz, Almarie and Fiona faculty and staff at the
Department of Management


Muyun said...

Dear Almaire this is Alice

Muyun said...

I have written to you several times but none of them seem to have reached you. I guess I have misread your handwriting. Could you please write to me if you still have my email address so that I could reply to you. Looking forward to your reply!

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