Friday, January 14, 2011

Enjoying Hong Kong- Victoria's Peak, Stanley, Tai Po Market and more

Hong Kong is a beautiful city with many things to see and learn. We have been walking though many places and also taking trains, ferries,buses and the famous tram to Victoria's Peak. Talking to people from many places has been so rewarding. Having divine appointments......not looking for anything in particular but just walking, thinking and praying about the places we go. The impact this great city has on East Asia. What an amazing place! To discover God's great love for all of us and to also know that we walk to learn more and serve those in need.  It is breathtaking to see such incredible beauty and architectural marvels.  Hong Kong has beautiful parks, hiking trails and many wonderful things to do.

Ride up to Victoria's Peak on the Tram

Victoria Harbor

Stanley is a district west of the central part of Hong Kong.
A very picturesque and breathtaking ride to Stanley.
There are many markets and beaches around Stanley

Stanley Beach

Victoria Harbor

Star Ferry

Tai Po Market

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