Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parents visit in Hong Kong- from Guatemala- Don and Lilia Donaldson

We are truly blessed to have my parents visit us while in Hong Kong. They have sacrificed much to be a part of our lives while on this side of the world. Some of you may know that my father is an evangelist, bush pilot and artist. During this time here invitations have come to share the gospel through his art. He has given a few lessons and mostly touched the lives of the children at NIS- where Hannah and Mia proudly tell their friends, "these are my grandparents from Guatemala".

They are a blessing to us, and to the rest of the world. As I asked my students to reflect on a leader or hero in their lives, many come to mind. In my heart, I must admit it is my mother and father, who have shown me to give and give relentlessly to the world without expecting anything in return, but to glorify God, lead humbly and be in the will of God.

Thank you for coming Mom and Dad-- We appreciate it and Hong Kong is blessed to have you here.

My father drew two paintings- this one that truly touches many who see the hand of Jesus shedding his blood for this part of the world- East Asia. It is a moving painting.

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