Thursday, February 24, 2011

Korea- Handong International Law School in Pohang

A wonderful opportunity to engage students in Global Leadership issues was a highlight of the month of February. Traveling to Handong University to deliver the key note program for the second and third year law students at the International Law School (HILS) was an amazing experience. This is my third time in Korea, however, my first to the Pusan (Busan) Pohang coastal area. It is considered the culture bed of the Silla dynasty making Gyeongju one of the leading attractions of Korea. Visits to museums the famous Silla bell and also the surrounding areas made this trip an amazing journey.

The most beautiful part of this trip to Korea was spending time with such gifted students with a passion to change the world- Handong's mission "Why not change the world?" I challenged the students to think on the question they are asking, charged them to have the answer and to move forward on leading the world through humility and a focus on becoming more like Christ. The discussions over 12 hours of lecture were truly rewarding. My time ended with a beautiful song- a song of blessing which is sung to those who visit. As students opened their arms towards me they sang- "may God give you peace, joy" in Korean. I could not hold back the tears, it was the most beautiful and life changing experience. The students are called at the HILS to transform the world through the exercise of practicing law- the practice is in truly reaching out to the community and to proclaim justice for the forsaken and oppressed (Micah 6:8- the theme verse of HILS).

I am not the same person after this experience, I am moved by my brothers and sisters in Christ who are truly changing the world and not focused on the accolades of a law degree but the love that can be shed by the knowledge they understand.

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