Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It has been busy.....so rewarding

The time in Hong Kong is filled with numerous lecturing invitations, presentations and also discussions about the research and book project. I had the opportunity to present the research and book project to the Department of Management and Faculty of the Business School.  CUHK has one of the most respected school's of business in Asia. There are visitors, special seminars, and lectures weekly. The presentation on the current Fulbright research and also projects was very rewarding. To has discussions with seasoned faculty from around Asia is highly valuable.

Working with the faculty of the Department of Management has been more than academic rigor. Friendships and wonderful times have also been part of my time at the CUHK.  The campus has beautiful areas from the Pavilion of Harmony, the highest point on campus with breathtaking views of the Tolo Harbor, to the handful of libraries and the University Library housing some of the most prized Chinese titles. The Art Museum with exhibits of great artist and displays of the red lacquer, pottery and jade so incredible. The winding roads with the great shuttled service to get you up and down from the mountain.....truly amazing. All of this and more will be missed.

The views from the 61st.  floor of The China Tower will be remembered forever. I had the privilege of meeting with the executive director of The Better Hong Kong Foundation and our meetings were overlooking the Victoria Harbor.  The conversations on leadership, on women in their role as business leaders for the future of Hong Kong....conversations that will continue to develop.  Meeting with groups of leaders and consulting on leadership programs developed for Hong Kong will continue to provide further conversations on the impact Hong Kong will have on the rest of the world.

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