Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updates- End of March and beginning of April

It has been a busy time for all of us in Hong Kong. The girls continue to do very well with their schooling and Mandarin is flowing. Hannah, reminds me of the characters she has learned, she can pronounced perfectly and is developing good penmanship with the learning. Mia, is impessing the teachers since Mandarin is her first language, so she responds and talks back to the Mandarin teacher at school.  We are proud of their continued progress while attending NIS in Hong Kong. The experiences at the school have been fantastic for all of us as a family.

I am busy with research and also writing a book with my colleagues at CUHK.  We have been in meetings discussing and editing the content of the book. It has been a learning and yet very rewarding time to work with great leaders in the field. I have learned much about the Chinese culture, business culture and what are the norms.  Interesting discussions about HRM and the process of dealing with people have unfolded while we write and edit. The CUHK is a diverse campus with many happenings and this has made the research very valuable. You have to be here to experience it and to know the culture. The time is rich and so rewarding in many ways.....truly words cannot express all the memories that are being made while here. In addition to this book, Ping Ping and I are collaborating on research around women in a leadership role. Interviews and focus groups have been our continued schedule on this research. It has been rewarding to share valuable time with great women leaders in this area.

My cameras need repair.....I have two cameras and each one has an issue. I hope to get this resolved soon so that I can get pictures up on the blog. In the meantime, I depend on the kindness of others to forward photos to my account.

Sad news from home-- it is with great pain in my heart that I announce the passing of my nephew Elisha Hudson Flick on Thursday, March 31.  He has fought a great battle here on earth and now receives peace and healing in the arms of God. It is difficult to be 8000 miles away and not be there physically with my sister and family.  It has been very hard to weather this news and think of being there.  We are at peace given the times spent before our departure to Hong Kong. Our hope is that we will meet again, and this is not the end. For those who know the Flick family, a service is being held at KPC 2PM on April 6, 2011.

Finally, I continue to prepare lecture materials for several invitations in mainland China and Hong Kong. The Fulbright program in Hong Kong is one of the most competitive and vibrant programs Asia awards. As a Fulbright scholar you are called and invited to present and lecture at various events.This also keeps me busy preparing materials and engaging in interesting projects in this area.

It is busy...however, there is always time for friendship, dim sum and a few noodles here and there.  Friendships are unfolding and it will be difficult to part.

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