Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan- Weathering the tragedy

Yes.....we are very close to Japan in more ways than a mere geographic region. Our hearts are truly moved by the impact this great storm, tsunami, earthquake has shaken the ground and the many lives of people in Japan. I am reminded that our storms in life are in no comparison to Japan....but nonetheless, it is there. We board the trains, we see the news, people wear mask in Hong Kong for many reasons- it is not the radiation, more for hygiene and once you cough, you must wear one. It is a good way to stay healthy, get better quickly, and keep others from getting contaminated. The efficiency of the people here is amazing and also to watch the way in which people have weathered the aftermath in Japan. Straight lines, orderly to receive aid, to receive water, to receive food.  We have much to learn from this storm and that of our own storms in life. Read here to find out more about this issue in Japan.

As we feel the impact in many ways, it is greater for those who are Japanese, like our Chairman at the CUHK- who is Japanese and wrote to all in our department to inform that his family is in good standing, that he was able to locate a friend and his family and all is well. Our hearts, prayers go out to this great nation.

My children today came home from school announcing that they were taking a collection for the tsunami victims in Japan. Hannah, saying very confidently "they need our help, because they do not have enough water and they are our neighbor".  She was on a campaign, at six years old already looking for ways to help.

As we weather our storms in life, my constant reminder of who we are in Christ is my nephew Elisha, who is fighting for his life at the NIC unit of the children's hospital. He has been there since birth, November 18, 2010- he is a twin to Ephraim. My sister and family have beautiful children and these two little boys are precious. Elisha fights, and he is strengthen and sustained by prayers.  We can  have joy in the midst of the is difficult nonetheless, but our hope and strength comes from above.

What is your storm today?  Rest in the hands of God, for He will sustain you and give you peace.

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